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RTP Use Cases

Real-time payments over the RTP network can help speed up commerce and streamline the payments flow between consumers, businesses and government entities. With instant availability and payment confirmation, payment senders and receivers know exactly when the payment is received, and receivers can use funds immediately. Here are a few use cases that are in use on the RTP network today.

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Car Sales and Auto Lending

Expediting New and Used Car Sales

Real-time payments over the RTP® network allow car sellers to receive payment at the same time they hand over the keys to the buyer.


Consumer Loans

Expediting Personal Loans for Consumers

Consumers who need short-term loans in an emergency benefit from real-time payments.


Corporate Credit Cards

RTP® Payments Help Keep Corporate Cards Funded

Instant payments can prefund or pay balances for corporate cards.


Digital Wallets

Instantly Move Funds From Digital Wallets to Bank Accounts

Real-time payments over the RTP® network allow customers to transfer stored digital-wallet funds instantaneously.


Earned Wage Access

Instant Pay Reduces Financial Anxiety

Access to earned wages or real-time pay helps workers during difficult economic times.

Merchant Funding

Merchants/SMB Can Improve Cash Flow with RTP® Payments

Real-time payments allow merchants to receive their funds 24/7, improving cash flow and removing payment delays.


Real Estate Transactions Benefit from RTP®

Real-time payments streamlines the real-estate closing process, and increases customer satisfaction.


Real-time Payments for Payroll

Payments over the RTP® network allows employers to send employees their pay at the end of their shift.

Sports Wagering

Transfer Sports Wagering Winnings to Bank Accounts in Real Time

Instant payments eliminates the wait players have experienced when moving sports wagering winnings to bank accounts.