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RTP Use Cases




Workers often do not receive payment for their work for weeks due to common payment processes that do not match the needs of the modern workforce.


Real-time payments over the RTP® networks allows employers and companies that hire contractors to send workers their pay at the end of their shift, often within seconds, decreasing wait time and increasing worker satisfaction.

The most common payment methods for workers to receive payroll are through an ACH transaction or by check. Although these methods are the norm for employees and employers, they have limitations. Checks need to be cashed (sometimes for a fee) or deposited. If deposited, funds may not be available to the worker until the next business day or in some cases, longer. ACH transactions are also limited by ACH processing and settlement windows, which does not allow for fast payroll corrections and causes a lag between when businesses initiate payroll payments – often three or more days prior to payday – to when employees receive their pay. Real-time payments over the RTP® network eliminate these issues and allow for instantaneous pay.

A number of payroll processor and human resource platform technology providers, including Paychex, believe that real-time payments through RTP® are the future of payroll. The reliability and instant availability of funds sent over the RTP® network are what makes this method a seamless new way to do payroll.

Now, with instant payroll over the RTP® network, workers will be able to be paid the moment their shift ends, increasing worker satisfaction and decreasing the time it takes for a worker to receive pay for the time they have worked.