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ACH Audit All-in-One Resource for Third-Party Providers and Senders


Topic: ACH Audit All-in-One Resource for Third-Party Providers and Senders
Type: Audit

Member Fee: $650
Non-Member Fee: $950

New in 2021! 

For Third-Party Providers and Third-Party Senders who are looking for additional information and instructions when it’s time to perform their ACH Audit using TCHPA’s TPP/TPS ACH Audit Interactive Workbook.  This bundled resource was developed for small and medium-sized solution providers who may have limited experience conducting ACH Audits.

  • Enhance your understanding of the ACH Audit process.
  • Conduct your ACH Audit at your own pace.

This Third Party ACH Audit All-in-One Resource addresses general ACH Rule requirements for Third-Party Providers and Third-Party Senders, common areas of weakness, and testing considerations to help identify areas where compliance with the Nacha Operating Rules may be lacking.


  • TCHPA’s Third Party Provider and Sender ACH Audit Interactive Workbook - Electronic document in fillable PDF format. Provides point-by-point instructions for completing the annual ACH Audit required by the Nacha Operating Rules. Captures auditor notes and automatically generates a management report which can include audit findings, exceptions and recommended action items.

  • PDFs included in this resource should be opened in Adobe Reader for best results.  Working with other programs may impact or disrupt your user experience.

  • Two pre-recorded webinars to guide those with limited audit experience as they perform an ACH Audit. Links to presentations provided in your order confirmation email:

    • ACH Audit Preparation Steps
    • ACH Audit Requirements for Third Party Service Providers and Senders


This product is sold with one license and is intended for single use. Appropriate quantities must be ordered to cover additional audits.
Note:  Product typically delivered via email within 1-2 hours of order receipt (normal business hours). All purchases are final and non-refundable.