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Partners and Providers

NCP Registrants: Click on the logos below to review current training options.

Considering becoming an NCP partner or a provider of continuing education? ECCHO can help you determine the right path for your organization. These outlines provide an overview to help you determine the best fit for your organization. Please reach out to the contacts listed for additional information.

These educators present training approved by the NCPC program. For a current view of education options click here.

Benefits and Details


Trainers are certified to teach NCP Exam prep courses through an annual Class Instructor Certification Program. Partners focus on building NCPs as well as providing continuing education for their consistent development. Roughly, 72% of individuals who received Payments Association/Partner training successfully pass the NCP exam.

Each Partner will kick off each prep series with the "Introduction to Payments" which is a basic course of study that teaches fundamentals of payments. A self paced series to that provides foundational understanding of electronic banking and multiple payment systems, including related rules and regulations, risk management considerations, and more.

Click on logos below to see partner training options. For information on the NCP Partner Levels, contact information is listed below. 

Diamond Level

Gold Level

Silver Level

Trusted Partner

Become a Partner

Organization with staff certified by ECCHO to teach NCP Exam training courses. Focused on building NCPs through providing Exam Prep Training as well as providing ongoing education for Certification Maintenance.

Education aligned to the NCP Exam Topics

Contact Jackie Pagán:


Providers are focused on ongoing education and offer sessions pre-approved as eligible for NCP continuing education credits.

Click on logos below to visit each provider’s website.

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Become a Provider

Organization that works with ECCHO to approve various educational offerings to be eligible for NCP continuing education credits. Focused on NCP ongoing education for Certification Maintenance.

Certification Education aligned to the NCP Exam Topics

Contact Nicole Hanlin: