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The Accredited NCP Program

The National Check Payments (NCP) Certification Program is intended, in part, to recognize an elevated level of payments acumen among payment professionals. Through the certification process, National Check Professionals (NCPs) will demonstrate a working knowledge of every significant aspect of the check payment system including products and operations, relevant rules and laws that govern checks, industry standards and fraud and risk mitigation considerations.

Through study to prepare for the exam and on-going continuing education, the NCP is an individual whose education benefits themselves, their employer and their customers.

2022 NCP Exam Dates: April 16th - May 7th

Why we need Certified Check Professionals:

Checks are as important as ever. Each year, billions of checks are written valued at trillions of dollars!

  • $26 trillion in value
  • 15 billion written Checks are significant!

NCPs are payments experts—respected in their organization, by auditors/ regulators, and across the industry.

They provide value through their knowledge of regulatory and compliance obligations and their ability to expedite critical customer issues.

Finally, they also have the expertise to resolve complex check problems, reducing potential risk to their organization.

Invest in your professional future by attaining the NCP accreditation.