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NCP Trusted Partners* have certified trainers on staff to offer NCP Exam Prep courses as outlined below. Trainers at these organizations have completed rigorous check payments training to earn the designation of certified NCP Class Instructor.

Click on the NCP Exam Blueprint category name below to view ECCHOEd sessions that can help registrants prepare for an exam or provide a refresher on the topic. ECCHOEd is free for ECCHO Members; non-Members can become an ECCHO Education Subscriber.

ECCHOEd Exam Prep OnDemand Education

Altered Checks and the Presumption of Alteration

What do you do when your customer reports an altered check has paid? What do you do when you get a claim from a paying bank that you presented an altered check? What does Presumption of Alteration mean, and how does that affect a claim of altered check?

Length: 25 minutes
NCP Credits: 0.5

Check Basics What Every Banker Should Know

Do you know check? This session reviews the components of a check, how a check is paid, and the risks a bank takes when processing and paying checks. An excellent training resource for tellers, bankers and all frontline staff.

Length: 34 minutes
NCP Credits: 0.75

Check: Where is the Rule Book?

Where does it say . . .? What rules and regulations govern what? Check law and regulation is not found in one place. Learn where to find warranties and indemnities, and what your FI’s obligations are when processing checks.

Length: 45 minutes
NCP Credits: 1.00

Uniform Commercial Code: Articles 3 and 4

Learn the definitions, warranties and other obligations of paying and depositary banks as contained in UCC. Operations, compliance staff and frontline staff will benefit from understanding the fundamentals of UCC 3 & 4.
Length: 34 minutes
NCP Credits: 0.75


What do you do when a customer reports an unauthorized remotely created check paid their account? Who is liable? What recourse does the Paying Bank have?

Length: 25 minutes
NCP Credits: 0.75

Forgeries and Counterfeits

What do you do when your customer reports a forged or counterfeit check has paid? Who is liable? Is there recourse for the Paying Bank when an unauthorized check has paid and it’s too late to return it?

Length: 19 minutes
NCP Credits: 0.50

HIDC Claims

What in the world is Holder in Due Course? Why is my customer getting calls from a check casher? What rights does the person who accepted a paper check have if it is returned not paid?
Length: 15 minutes
NCP Credits: 0.50

Rule 9

Rule 9 is for ECCHO Members only. Learn the fundamentals of Rule 9, what it is, how it works, and when a Rule 9 claim can be made.

Length: 21 minutes
NCP Credits: 0.50

Cashiers Checks

What do you do when a Cashier’s check issued by your FI is reported lost, stolen or destroyed? Learn the definitions and obligations of issuing and paying Cashier’s checks as defined in Regulation CC and UCC.

Length: 27 minutes
NCP Credits: 0.50

Check Scanning: Branch and Teller Capture

Basic training for front line staff on the how-to’s of check scanning. This session will cover the BOFD warranties, how to mitigate the risk of warranty breach, and the whys of check scanning controls.

Length: 35 minutes
NCP Credits: 0.75

Duplicate Checks

Duplicate Processing: Understand the Differences between Duplicate Warranty, RDC Indemnity and Holder in Due Course.

Length: 60 minutes
NCP Credits: 1.2

Indorsement Claims

What do you do when your customer tells you a payee of a check they wrote claims they never received the funds? What do you do when you as a BOFD get a warranty breach claim?
Length: 32 minutes
NCP Credits: 0.75

RDC Indemnity 101

What do you do when you are an RDC depositary bank and you receive and indemnity claim? What do you do when you are a depositary bank of a paper check and you get it returned as PAID or duplicate and you suffer a loss?
Length: 34 minutes
NCP Credits: 0.50

US Treasury Checks: What You Need to Know

Learn the Presentment Guarantees outlined in CFR 31 §240.4 that are made to the US Treasury when presenting US Treasury Checks. This session will help you understand your obligations, risks & risk mitigation for handling US Treasury Checks.
Length: 45 minutes
NCP Credits: 0.90

Warranty Breaches and Dealing Direct

What do you do when a warranty that was made to you was breached by the warrantor? This session addresses the legal framework governing check, the warranties made by exchange parties, and how to resolve warranty breach claims.
Length: 54 minutes
NCP Credits: 1.00

X9 Standards EPC and RCCs

This session provides a discussion of X9 standards and use of EPC digit (value ‘6’) to identify RCCs. Benefits of tracking RCCs discussed as well as recent standards updates to align to Reg CC.

Length: 50 minutes
NCP Credits: 1.00
* Trusted Partner Exam Prep Series
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  1. Check Payments and Check Processing
  2. Regulations Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)
  3. Regulations Regulation CC Part I
  4. Regulations Regulation CC Part II
  5. Standards and Formats
  6. Image Exchange Rules and Agreements: ECCHO Rules
  7. Image Exchange Rules and Agreements: Fed OC3
  1. Image Exchange: Processes
  2. Exceptions Returns and Adjustments
  3. Check Products
  4. Fraud, Risk and Risk Mitigation
  5. Session Quizzes (11)
  6. Exam Training Reviews (recommended)

Other products offered by NCP Educational Partners that are intended to provide general check payments information and that may supplement NCP Exam preparation training.

Notice: These products are offered by the NCP Educational Partners and intended to provide general check payments information and/or supplement NCP Exam preparation training courses. With the exception of the official NCP Exam Preparation training materials, ECCHO is not responsible for the content or applicability of advertised NCP Partners’ products and services.

Most check related educational offerings by our Partners and Providers are listed on our Pre-Approved CE listing page. This page contains alternative types of educational offerings.

Other Partner Exam Prep Offerings 

EPCOR brings you check image flashcards as a hands on way to study. Currently out of stock. For more information and to request a notification when they are back in stock.

Online Practice Test

NEACH brings you CheckProTM (Online Edition), an online tool designed to help you master the changing check landscape and related payment systems. Covers 4 essential areas: Fraud & Risk, Operations, Products and Rules and Laws and Regulations. Choose your own test, score the test, review answers to determine areas for improvement. CheckProTM contains all the extra practice and information you need to be a successful check professional and presents a unique experience very time.

Check Network Certificate

WesPay brings you this series which provides a strong foundation for any professional who wishes to develop a level of expertise in check.