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About RTP

Mobile technology and digital commerce are driving the need for a safer and faster payments system in the U.S. The Clearing House responds with Real-Time Payments (RTP) a new real-time system for all U.S. financial institutions to use as a platform for payments innovation.

Financial institutions will take advantage of RTP's capabilities to create or enhance digital services for their corporate and retail customers.

24 x 7

Financial institutions will use the new "rail" to clear and settle payments in real time. RTP provides immediacy, certainty, and bank-grade security you'd expect to find in a new payments rail and it has capabilities that enable financial institutions to enhance existing services and create new ones.

Faster and Smarter

RTP works in the background, underpinning a financial institution's customer facing systems for services like bill payment, cash management, P2P and emergency disbursements. Messages such as Request for Payment, Payment Confirmation, Request for Additional Information and Remittance Detail can be used in different ways to create truly innovative and frictionless customer-facing solutions.

RTP Messages and Use Cases

Access For All Financial Institutions

The Clearing House is working with providers of core processing and payment services, bankers banks, and corporate credit unions to ensure that every financial institution in the U.S. has an easy way to access the RTP network by 2020.

How it works


RTP is designed to be consistent with the CFPB's guiding principles for faster payments networks and the 36 criteria set forth by the Federal Reserve Faster Payments Task Force.

In the News

  • The Clearing House Announces RTP Advisory Committee

    Today, The Clearing House (TCH) announced it has formed an RTP® Advisory Committee from a diverse set of financial institution stakeholders to obtain input on the operation of its new real-time payments system. The committee is comprised of senior executives from credit unions, community and mid-size banks, and trade associations. The committee is charged with providing perspectives that will help RTP continue to be responsive to all financial institutions and drive adoption of RTP in an effort to achieve the goal of ubiquity by 2020.


  • First New Core Payments System in the U.S. in more than 40 Years Initiates First Live Payments

    The Clearing House (TCH) launched RTP®, its real-time payments system, the first new core payments infrastructure in the U.S. in more than 40 years.  The new RTP system was designed and built through the collaborative effort of TCH’s 25 owner banks and meets the objectives of the Federal Reserve Faster Payments Task Force. RTP is open to all U.S depository institutions with a goal of reaching ubiquity by 2020.

  • BNY Mellon Announces its Participation in Real-time Payments Initiative

    (Third Party Release)

    BNY Mellon is among leading U.S. financial institutions entering the era of real time payments in the U.S. with its announcement that the company intends to participate in the Real-Time Payment (RTP) system being developed by The Clearing House.

    “BNY Mellon's commitment to bring RTP system to market reflects the high level of leadership the company has demonstrated from the outset of the project, and their ability to provide real-time payment support as part of their outsourcing services for client banks represents an important network effects multiplier,” said Russ Waterhouse, executive vice president, product development and strategy for The Clearing House.

  • D+H Announces Availability of U.S. Real-time Payments Processing Solution for Industry Testing

    (Third Party Release)

    DH Corporation, a leading provider of technology solutions to financial institutions globally, today announced the availability for industry testing of its U.S. real-time payment processing solution, which will enable U.S. banks to commence testing for The Clearing House's (TCH's) real-time clearing and settlement network to support real-time payments in the United States.

  • Volante Technologies Enables Accelerated Implementations of Global Real-time Payments Initiatives with VolPay

    (Third Party Release)

    Volante Technologies, a global leader in the provision of payments and financial message integration, processing and orchestration software, today announces its ability to help banks embrace real-time payments in the US and in other countries around the globe with its VolPay Hub: RTP Suite. The new solution launches with its first of several RTP processors – the TCH RTP Processor Module, to support The Clearing House RTP Initiative. Volante’s solution is one of the industry’s most advanced to date, and is to be piloted by a top ten US-based bank and TCH.

  • D+H Accelerates the U.S. Move to Real-time by Providing an Innovative Cloud Test Environment

    (Third Party Release)

    D+H, a leading provider of technology solutions to financial institutions globally, today announced that it is offering banks a cloud-based testing environment to simulate connectivity to The Clearing House’s Real-time Payments System. D+H’s service provides an opportunity for banks to utilize D+H’s U.S. real-time initiation channels and payment hub solution to quickly and easily simulate the execution and clearing of payments on the TCH network.

  • Jack Henry & Associates Partners with The Clearing House to Grow Ubiquity of Real-Time Payments

    Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. (NASDAQ:JKHY) is a leading provider of technology solutions and payment processing services primarily for the financial services industry. Its JHA Payment Solutions™ group today announced a partnership with The Clearing House (TCH) to expand the scope of U.S. financial institutions equipped to send and receive new real-time transactions. 

  • TCH Lauds Federal Reserve Progress Spurring Improvements in Payments

    The Clearing House (TCH) today welcomed the release of a report by the Federal Reserve outlining its progress in support of improvements to the U.S. payment system.  The Clearing House is the only ACH (automated clearing house) and wire operator in the U.S. other than the Federal Reserve, and TCH is currently working to build a new, ubiquitous real-time payment system.  As part of its effort, TCH worked to align its new real-time system with the Federal Reserve’s efforts to improve the U.S. payments system.

  • The Clearing House to Undertake a Multi-Year Effort to Design and Develop a Secure, Real-Time Payment System

    On October 22, TCH and its Owner Banks announced plans to undertake a multi-year effort to build a real-time payment system to better meet consumers’ and businesses’ expectations in an increasingly digital economy. The real-time payment system will be designed to address gaps in payment options and will enable consumers and businesses to securely send and receive immediate payments directly from their accounts at financial institutions. Implementing ubiquitous real-time payments is a comprehensive multi-year endeavor, requiring coordination among financial institutions of all sizes and their service and technology providers. The innovative real-time system will be designed to address unmet customer needs and allow them to initiate payments directly from their bank accounts in a safe and secure manner.

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